4 Adrenaline Pumping Water Sports in Maldives

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Published: 07th November 2012
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Maldives is a beautiful nation and people come from around the world to relax under the pleasant sun. Interestingly, the picturesque country is also known amongst vacationers who crave adventure and thrill. Maldives has no dearth of water and the same offer scope for adrenaline pumping water sports. While list of water powered activities goes on and on, letís highlight four water sports that leave the visitors gasping for more;


The water sport, also known as parascending and parakiting, is one of the few sports that every person looks forward to while vacationing. In the hugely popular sport, a person is attached to a canopy (very much similar to a parachute) and is towed behind a boat. When the boat takes to the water, the person with the parascender is carried in the air. Apart from being in the air, the fun element is also added by the speeding boat. A powerful boat can carry more than one parascender. Unending waters and normal winds make the perfect ground for this enjoyable activity.

Water Skiing

While parasailing is something that doesnít ask for skill and can be enjoyed by near about any adult, water skiing ask for experience as well as skill. In this sport, a person, normally with skies on, is pulled behind a boat in the water. As mentioned above, water skiing asks for familiarity and works on technique. The skier and boat driver maintain communication to avoid accidents. Besides the two of them, there is another person who acts as spotter; his job is to inform the driver if the skier tumbles. Skiing enthusiasts make resorts Maldives bookings only after confirming proximity to the ski location.


It is a surface water sports that asks for sailing as well as surfing skills. In case of sailing, a person has to limit himself to some rules but windsurfing is more experimental and freestyle. A windsurfer can perform jumps, inverted loops, spinning tricks and various other moves which are certainly a pleasure to watch. Maldives offers the perfect conditions for windsurfing. Windsurfers sailing the water is a common sight from beaches. Professionals from all over the world come and board luxury hotels Maldives to practice their craft in serenity.

Jet skiing

Jet Skiing is a water sport that doesnít require too much skill and can be enjoyed by almost anyone. It is a fun water activity well documented in cinema works all over the world. To learn a jet ski, one only has to keep some basic instructions in mind. It is much similar to driving a gearless vehicle but the only difference is that it runs on water. Once rider gets idea about the speed and practices turns, he is good to go. Performing stunts however asks for experience. It is popular recreational sport for the ones who avail holiday packages Maldives.

While these were the four adrenaline pumping activities, there are plenty of others too that promise the same amount of fun. Catamaran rides and scuba diving liveaboard are the two water powered sports worth exploring. So, donít forget the water fun while vacationing in Maldives.

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