Areas of Focus in Business Stationery Design

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Published: 01st November 2012
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Letterhead of an established firm is certainly worth admiration for its appeal, elegance and quality. Despite being just a piece of paper, it tells a lot about the company, its professionalism and stature. To make sure that business stationery makes a strong mark, reputed designers focus on certain critical areas. Letís gain insights on some of them to learn what should be considered while thinking about stationery design.

Quality of paper

Even a layman can tell the difference between a thick high quality paper and standard paper. Thus, there is no way a business can get away by using cheap paper for stationery. Established firms and even corporate world knows the importance of personalized stationery and especially quality of paper. Perhaps, that is why they donít compromise at it. Though the detail may seem as a small one but it makes the very base of stationery design. Established firms offering stationery design Singapore consider paper quality as something that needs to be discussed in the very beginning.

Information inclusion

A reader should gain knowledge about the important details of the company through stationery. Thus, while assigning stationery designing work, a client needs to discuss what all needs to be included. Company name, physical address, phone number, email address, fax number and other crucial details needs to be highlighted. Stationery focusing just on visual appeal fails to leave a lasting impact and also doesnít aid communication with clients. No stationery and creative brochure design company would disagree on this.

Font and color selection

There is no dearth of font for designers to choose from but when it comes to stationery usage, one has to be very careful. Choosing a wrong font can ruin brand communication and confuse the reader. Font has to be at peace with the company image and should accentuate it. Readability is also a factor that requires careful attention. If the font hinders the reader in gaining knowledge about the company, then, its purpose is defeated. Likewise, choosing color for the font is also very crucial. Using too many colors also looks odd.

Imagery usage

As compared to words, images are more communicative. Hence, using images in the stationery could be a wise choice. To make the most of the image on the stationery, the designer needs to determine its appropriateness. Image of companyís official building, logo or anything that signifies the firm can serve the purpose well. For business card design, Singapore based firms suggest that using a professional picture of yourself is also something worth considering. The word of caution for imagery usage is to stay away from clip art.

White space

Just like websites, white space also holds importance in stationery designing. Objective is to attract readerís attention to certain elements and, thus, keeping plenty of white space is suggested. Clutter is certainly not something that impresses people.

These are the areas that stationery designers focus on to make sure that their clients communicate effectively. If stationery doesnít impresses, then, perhaps, it is not doing what it is supposed to.

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