Tips to Get Small Business Web Design Right

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Published: 06th November 2012
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When a designer works for an established name or brand, he can get away with some hiccups here and there. There is plenty of public out there, well aware of the brand and will surely love to visit once in a while. Designing part is often not paid much attention by the visitor in the aura of the brand. Interestingly, the same is not the case with small business; web design gets a lot of attention from visitors and a lousy one can just not work. Hence, designerís work becomes even more challenging. Here are some tips to get the small business web design right;

Minimize Clutter

The charm of an established brand makes a visitor bear the widgets, clutter and even horrendous animation. But in case of a small business website, no such charm is present. So, focus of the design needs to be only on the most important elements. Too many shiny things trying to attract userís gaze will lead to eventual loss of visitorís interest. Simple slogans and lone images are very effective in communicating ideas in case of small businesses. Advertisements should also be avoided at any cost.

Lengthy Pages

Agreed that lengthy pages are abundantly available on web and there is a growing acceptance of the same but in case small business websites, people are still conservative. Social media and entertainment based websites are slowly doing away the fear of endless scrolling. But still, we have a long way to go. In case of small business website, the length mainly increases if one opts for a lot of images and information. This is not something that usually works in favor of the website. Small business web design needs to have pages with less need of scrolling. Focus should be on the main product and special offers, if there are any.

Utilize Above-The-Fold Wisely

Above-the-fold area has enormous potential in itself if used wisely. Even in case of newspapers, it is given special attention in terms of advertisements. For websites, above-the-fold area is very crucial. Speaking of small business websites, a professional web designing company would suggest highlighting the most popular products and special offers in above-the-fold turf. This will help in establishing instant communication with the visitor. Along with that, it will also make a strong first impression.

Consider physical theme integration in web design

If a small business has planned its physical presence by taking into account a particular color scheme, logo, design or any other element, then, there is no reason why the same features should not be followed in the website. Customers relates with such elements, and for brand consistency, they ought to be present in the website as well. A professional website design firm would certainly consider the same as the first step of evolving an online brand.

Thinking outlandishly can also benefit as it will guarantee those initial seconds of engrossment.

Keep these points in mind to make your small business design strike the right chords. And donít shy away from discussing them with your designer; it will only highlight your intellect and garner respect.

Ablysoft Private Limited is a small business web design company helping brick & mortar business owners in placing the right foot forward in the web world. It has been active in the field for more than seven years.

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