What to Keep in Mind When Designing Logo?

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Published: 23rd October 2012
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Logos are nothing less than identity of the company. While making logos seems a simple task with the easy availability of Photoshop and other web tools, it certainly is not effortless if one takes into consideration the minute details. In the hurry to get started, startups donít bother to get professional assistance for logo design. This leads to identity issues in the long run. Getting the basics right is very important and this is what logo experts do for their clients. Following are the points that they keep in mind;

Starting from scratch

A professional logo designer never starts a project directly on computer screen. The very first step is jotting down the ideas, requirements and starting to doodle. Flow of ideas is faster when one is working on paper. This stage is very crucial in case of logo designing and if a designer get this one right, implementation on computer is effortless. Celebrated logo designers also hold logo sketching in high esteem and there are strong reasons behind it.

Forget color

It is better to forget that a world of color exist when one is designing a logo. Client may use the logo in any form and if depriving the color elements takes away the charm of the logo, then, it is not worth it. So, after forgetting the gradient part, all the focus should be on the contours of the logo in the initial process. Your logo should be powerful with color as well in black & white. Professionals offering logo and brochure design services Singapore are particularly famous for following the rule.

Shape considerations

Some logos are very bold and reflect authority while others are more subtle and fun. Such strong identities are defined through the shape and aesthetics of the logo. One can use smooth edges and pointy corners to give entirely different personality to the logo. Decision on this is usually made during initial discussions with the designer and the same lead the design process. If you didnít have any such discussion with your designer while getting the logo work done, perhaps itís time to ask a designer specializing in logo and business card design Singapore for his opinion about your logo.

Font decisions

There is an army of fonts out there but this doesnít mean logo designer can go ahead to use a variety of them if the logo is type based. Font has to be chosen very wisely as every font has a personality and feel. Amalgamation of two widely different fonts in a logo design would look very conflicting and would confuse the responses of a person. Hence, one has to use a font just the way a Graphic Designers Singapore does; subtly yet professionally.


Feedback is as crucial as the design itself. Every person has a different way of looking at things and it is important to gather multiple feedbacks to make sure that the logo work is reflecting the desired message. Asking questions and exchanging ideas helps a lot.

So, these are basics of logo design that shouldnít be forgotten at any cost if one wants to come up with a brand rather than just another logo.

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